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The goal of the site is to showcase the rich heritage and iconic Scottish history of the town of Lanark to a global audience, and the best way to do this is through content provided by local experts.

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Contributing content is easy. If you just have a one-off article you’d like to add to the site, you can just send it through via email and we’ll publish it for you.

If you’d like to post more and become a regular author, we can create an account on the site for you and from there you can post your own articles – As many and as regularly as you like.

Your account can be set up as you the individual or as an organization – Like ‘VisitLanark’. That way you can also showcase the organization contributing the materials, such as a historical society.

The William Wallace ebook

As well as promoting individual articles on the site, an early goal is to compile a number of these into a downloadable ebook – The History of William Wallace. This will provide a great marketing resource for us to promote the site to a worldwide market and bring lots of new traffic and tourism visitors to the town.

Contact us via email if you would like to become an Author.